Emo Hairstyles, Emo Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

There are many unique hairstyles out there but none of them is as one of a kind as an emo hairstyle. This hairstyle calls for the person to be able to express their personality freely and to shape their hair however they want it. Because of this,


 every emo hairstyle is slightly different from one another. They may be diverse but over the years, there are some that have become popular among people. There are tons of popular emo hair ideas out right now.

Numerous rock, punk and indie bands showcase the emo look perfectly, which makes their fans and admirers to want to do the same. These emo hairstyles usually consist of hair dyes, highlights, layers and choppiness. Some people, mostly for teenage girls, decide to cut or create the emo look themselves and some go to a hair salon and tell the stylist exactly how they want it. Though, it’s better to choose the way you think your individuality will show the most.

If you decide to go to a salon, try to bring a picture of the cut for the stylist may not get it right. If you do it yourself, use hair scissors and hair dyes carefully to get the perfect appearance. To get the perfect appearance, you have to know what kind of emo hairstyle and cut to attempt or go for. Here are some steps on finding and creating an emo hairstyle. Try to grow your hair out long so you can have more availability to experiment.

1. Select an emo haircut. There are many ways to cut your hair into an emo one. Most emo hairstyles have straight full bangs framing the face while the rest of the hair is spiked on the top because of the choppy cuts or teased hair, which gives the hair a poofy uneven look. If you don’t like teasing the hair, you can use spray or gel. Some emo hairstyles are normally cut with the back short but as it moves to the front, it’s longer. Sometimes it’s the opposite, the hair is cut short in the front and as it goes back it’s longer. Of course this cut can have layers or bangs but if you don’t want any, that’s fine too, as long as it suits you.

2. Select a hair dye. You don’t have to dye your hair but it is common to. Emo hair colors include a dark black, blond, red, pink and a deep dark purple, blue or brown. When choosing a hair dye color, remember that it must agree with what you want. You don’t want to choose a hair color and it coming out as a disaster because it doesn't look the way you planned. The hair color not just has to suit your hair cut but the dye has to be properly executed. For example, sometimes when people try to dye their hair red, it comes out a light pink.

3. Choose a hair highlight. Almost every emo hairstyle has a hair highlight. Determining the color of the highlights depends on what color your hair is. If it’s black, it will go with any color. Red goes with orange and yellow or blond and so forth. Since the hair dyes mentioned are the popular ones, nearly any hair highlight color or streak can fit. Hair highlights can be colored on the tips of the hair whether those tips are spiked or not. They can be colored on the bangs, the top of the head and anywhere really, even if it’s symmetrical or only on one side.

With emo hairstyles, anything can go. Cut it anyway you like and dye or highlight as many colors you desire. It’s your hair to create and the look you want. Emo hairstyles aren’t about rules and regulations but the freedom to express you through hair. They don’t have to be short or long or fit in with the modern trends out there. It’s its own type of style that has its own attitude and values to the person.

With a new emo hairstyles for teenage girls, that’s suitable and you will be able to enjoy your fun without your hair having to be a worry or extra weight on your back. It will allow you to just be yourself and not someone else just because you want to fit in with the crowd.
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