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We have finally reached the time of need for a fresh hairdo! Overall, most women prefer short hairstyles because not only is it stylish, sophisticated and sexy, but beneficial for those that don’t have the luxury of time.

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Hairstyle Ideas for Hairstyles 

The latest new short hairstyle that suits you and your lifestyle can dramatically change the way you feel and you look younger, 
short hair it requires low maintenance and reduce the amount of time and money you spend on hair treatments. a good short 
haircut must have the right proportions and the basic elements of balance, line and movement. The cut should be manageable 
and the hair should look great and fashioned into numerous styles for any occasion.

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Most women with long hair desire to refashion their hairdo to a medium hairstyle as New Year arrives because of those
reasons and plus it isn't too long or short; just right at shoulder length. After recently growing their hair back from the previous 
short do, their hair would have to confront medium before long or to be cut again to short. You would be lucky if you have short
hair now since medium length hair is the next transition phase, a medium hairstyle can suit anyone.

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Round faces:
It’s recommended to pick a short hairstyle that can minimize the roundness of the face, not increase it. This can be done with a style with waves or deep bangs. Super short or slicked back looks are a huge no-no, especially bobs if not done correctly. The trick here is to texturize in the right places. If you’re going for a round look though, go for it then. The faces of Kelly Clarkson and Goodwin serves as great examples.

Oval faces: If you have high cheek bones, definitely get a short hairstyle. The short do will most likely accentuate this and can enhance your beauty. Pixie styles and boy cuts work wonderfully. Celebrities like Halle Berry rock the short hairstyle look.

Diamond faces: This face shape is similar to the oval; if you have high cheekbones, show it off. Avoid styles that add height and thick bangs. Waves, layers, side parts, and bob cuts work magic.

Heart-Shaped faces: Your goal is to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Avoid thick, heavy bangs, especially short ones. Longer wispy layers, soft side-swept bangs or asymmetrical and blunt cuts are more appropriate, not to mention fun and flirty. See celebrities like Jennifer Aniston for more inspiration.

Square faces: Bobs can work magic for this shape, especially curls, choppy ends, layers and bangs. The trick is to bring less attention to your strong jaw-line and soften your features. Other than that, most short haircuts work.

Long faces: Fringes, choppy cuts, and textured looks are what you’re aiming you’re your goal is to find hairstyle that adds width. While it’s difficult sometimes to get away with long styles, this is why short haircuts work for long faces. It’s a chance to emphasize that slender face with short curls and waves. Blunt cuts, bobs and rounded do’s work well.

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The Buzz Cut:
It’s simple and easy to do and can be done with just clippers and a comb. Some people mistaken a buzz cut to be a totally shaved cut but it doesn't have to be. This boy hairstyle could be cut to a short length in a way you think it’s best.