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If you’re not committed to the idea of getting a short haircut or keeping a long one, the popular medium hairstyles is the perfect choice for you! Medium haircuts are most preferred by women because of its ideal length,


Making it easier to manage than a long do and are able to be tied up into a ponytail unlike a short do, In the spirit of the New Year, here are some of the medium length haircuts that’ll prove to be the trendsetters

Medium Ombré/Sombre Hairstyles - A quick crash course, ombré hairstyles consists of tones of color that shade into each other, slowly from dark to light. Usually the portion closer to the head is the darker tone, gradually changing to a lighter shade such as blonde, caramel, auburn, rosy brown. Unlike ombré styles, somebre ones include subtle highlights around the face and suits those with lighter hair such as blondes and redheads. While this type of hairstyle is popular among long hairstyles, tons of celebrities have sported this magical hair trend that can turn your plain one dimensional do to one that is certainly eye catching. Be sure to choose suitable colors before going ahead with an ombré or sombre though and see a trustworthy hairstylist.

Wavy Tresses - This medium hairstyle has proven to be simple yet insanely stylish. This look is most notable on fashionista Alexa Chung and has spread to actresses like Emma Stone, Lily Collins and Jennifer Anniston. Wavy tresses can be achieved through a well layered cut, but doesn't have to be, the key is getting enough texture in your hair. If your hair is naturally wavy, even better, if not, perhaps add a bit of hair spray or product to give it an extra shine and wave when you go out. The wavy tresses in this hairstyle are usually relaxed and loose, but more defined waves are just as gorgeous.

Straight and Sleek Bob - Reese Witherspoon and Carrie Underwood has worn this sophisticated medium length cut. Consisting of side swept bangs, this hairstyle is fairly simple with hardly any layers in sight. It is a clean cut bob, and if you want to make it more exciting, cut one side a bit asymmetrically.

Retro Curls - A retro medium hairstyle is more high maintenance than the average medium cut because it consists of defined, neat curls, large or small. Layered or not, style works wonders because it’s classy and you can get away with appearing to have a shorter do. This style is always sported by many celebrities on the red carpet and during award shows.

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Bangs/Fringe/Parting - This hairstyle is pretty self-explanatory. With any of these modifications, your haircut will have more texture, shape and style. Choosing the most fitting bands, fringes or parting is crucial to your overall appearance since the smallest details can make or break a hairstyle. If bangs are too overbearing, try fringes because they’re thinner and require less hair, but the downside is that they can be messier. When selecting a way to part your hair, try different angles and directions and find the one that you like best.

Another modification that can give your medium hairstyle more flair is highlights. It can give you a much softer or sassier appearance depending on the color and way it is applied. As mentioned before, highlights can give a much more subtle look.

Hopefully you found a medium hairstyle, and if not, for more ideas and inspirations, perhaps browse through our photo galleries or check out our other articles.


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Medium Length Hairstyles & Haircuts 
The secret in having a medium length hairstyle is to choose the right length for the shape of your face and your hair type, and If you have medium length hairstyle or you are planning on cutting it at that length, then here is the perfect place to see which mid-length haircuts are currently in style for the New Year