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Cool Summer Short Hairstyles
The best summer hairstyles are fun, sexy and manageable. Summer is the time when everybody wants to change their hairstyles to avoid feeling hot and sticky and still look great. Here are some summer hairstyles that are in vogue. Choose one that plays up your best features and still makes you feel cool. Short and Light this is one fun hairstyle for the summer. A cut below the earbob with many different layers creates a shaggy yet sexy summer look. Adding light blond highlights

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Now, before picking out a short hairstyle, remember to consider these three factors:
1. Your Face Shape

2. Your hair type/texture
3. Facial features you hate and like

What do you think? Is the latest short hairstyles will it be different than the previous years? Hairstyles and bob haircuts, there are endless possibilities of hair ideas so they’ll never run out. Truly if you were to look at any fashion magazine and famous women celebrities wearing short hairstyles. Now, the question that appears repeatedly is, would a short hairstyle or bob haircuts look good on you short hairstyle would look great on anybody

Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair:

short hairstyles are the trend. A short hairstyle that suits you and your lifestyle can change the way you feel and make you look younger, also reduce the amount of time you spend on hair treatments. The hair cut should be manageable and should look great in its natural form prior to styling. Selecting a short hair cut style means choosing from curly styles, layered haircut, shag, bobs, and bangs, 

A good short haircut must have the right proportions and the basic elements of balance, line and movement. The cut should be manageable and the hair should look great in its natural form prior to styling. Selecting a short hair cut style means choosing from curly styles, layered hair cut, shag, bobs, and bangs, among many options. You can also add in a full color or highlights or low lights for texture.

Perfect Pixie
This style is neat and adorable. Worn by celebrities like Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams, this look is simple yet elegant. This suits all faces, but if you have a round or square face, make sure to get bangs or hair to frame your face more.

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By admin  February, 2016

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Short & Sassy
This crop is way shorter and curlier. With or without the autumn highlights or any really, and this cut, simply getting out of the shower, a quick dry or tousle could do the trick if you have wavy or straight hair. If not, you can do a quick curl with a curler.