Short Hairstyles, New Haircuts for Women

The last but not surely least is another hottest hairstyle and we have finally reached the time of need for a fresh hairdo! Overall, most women prefer short haircuts because not only is it stylish and sexy, but beneficial for those that don’t have the luxury of time.


More than ever, short locks are 
considered low maintenance, bold, sexy, and most of all, empowering. They fit all and any occasions and will surly turn heads. What isn’t there to love about a short haircut? If you’re lost, here are a few short hairdos you can use as a starting point. There’s the infamous pixie cut where the length barely reaches the ear and can be layered or choppy. Celebrities like  read more

Cute Short Bob
Hairstyles, Hairstyles

can accentuate and
balance a person’s face
shape because of the
extra long hair to the
side. For a more
voluminous look, people
also add waves, tresses,
and curls.


Super Chic Short
Hairstyles, Short

Draw lots of attention.
They’re unique and
different, but do require
some care. Be careful
though, angled and
fringed styles are difficult
to maintain. Styles
include side parts and
choppy layers.

Sensational Short
Hairstyles for Long

Find the latest
sensational short
hairstyles for long faces
that work for you. The
secret is finding the right
cut for your face shape
and hair texture.
Something to be said
about a woman who can

Really Cute Short
Haircuts for Women

this crop is way shorter
and curlier. With or
without the autumn
highlights or any really,
and this cut, simply
getting out of the shower
and a quick dry or tousle
could do the trick

Short Hair Trends for
Summer Hairstyles

What’s hot and what’s
not, now that is
the question. The
heat and humidity is
awful as it is every year
and people are
struggling to find new
ways to keep cool. Why
not try out one of these

Chic Short Haircuts,
Chic Short Hairstyles

This style requires a more
layered, almost choppy
cut, which makes the look
edgy. The back of the hair
is cut short and the
asymmetrical cut in the
front frames the face

Totally Cute Pixie

will forever and always
 the shortest and most
classic of all short
hairstyles. It could be
 slick or sweet
on how you
cut it.

Side-Swept Pixie

is pretty self-explanatory.
It’s a pixie where a part 
of your hair is swept to 
the side, which is pretty 
normal in a pixie cut. It’s 
cute, neat and
professional with or

Easy Short, Layered

This style is neat and
adorable. Worn by 
celebrities like Carey 
Mulligan and Michelle
Williams, this look is 
simple yet elegant. This
suits all faces, but if you

... The Infamous Faux Hawk
This style screams punk, rebel, and a care-free attitude. To get this look, the sides of your hair have to be almost shaved off, or at least, not that present. The long part of your hair can be layered a bit. If you want to add color or highlights, dye only the top, the faux hawk part. For styling, you can use mousse or hairspray.

... Sophisticated Yet Sweet

The name says it all. To get this look, the length of your hair has to be a bit before the chin and some bangs is even better. The trick here is to turn your locks into loose soft curls and to comb the fronts of your hair back. Notice how in this picture, that not all the hair is combed back. Let it naturally fall front forward.

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If you’re looking for a Sign to Get a New Hairstyle, This is It.
21 Perfect Hairstyles for Short Hair

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... Short & Sassy

Similar to the style above, this crop is way shorter and curlier. With or without the autumn highlights or any really, and this cut, simply getting out of the shower and a quick dry or tousle could do the trick if you have wavy or straight hair. If not, you can do a quick curl with a curler.

... Rockin’ the Chop

It’s edgy and completely bold! The razor cut fringes and angled are for those that are willing to make a fashion statement. The highlights on the bangs stand out and are quite quirky. Be careful with any angled hairstyle because they may be hard to maintain and it’s difficult to find a hair stylist who can perform this cut correctly or the way you want

... Perfect Pixie

This style is neat and adorable. Worn by celebrities like Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams, this look is simple yet elegant. This suits all faces, but if you have a round or square face, make sure to get bangs or hair to frame your face more.

Bob hairdos are a rage with their length that reaches just below the chin. This short hairstyle can also be layered, choppy or asymmetrical, meaning one side on the front is longer than the other. Many find this short haircut to be the most popular because it can be styled to suit almost anyone’s face shape. 

The Boy Cut is pretty self-explanatory, with its boyish length and cut. This will definitely emphasize your facial features and face shape so be careful.

After you get all those factors down, you can finally pick out short haircuts! Here are some of the most short hairstyles and haircuts for women. read more