Treat Brittle Nails With Extra Care

By: Adriana Noton

You'll know if you have brittle nails. They chip and crack with the slightest touch and are a constant source of irritation. Chances are, if you have brittle nails, you have ended up with a few messed up manicures. However, if you take care of those fingernails, you'll be able to enjoy long, gorgeous nails again. It just means a little extra work. 

Daily Care The first thing you need to do is ensure that your nails are in good condition. Since brittle ones tend to split if they are clipped, the best way to remove damaged areas and ensure that they are all the same length is to file. A nail file is gentle enough when used correctly that it won't break the tips. You can do this by filing gently in only one direction. Using an emery board or glass file is also much safer than a metal file. 

Avoid too much exposure to water, since this causes the cells in the nail tissue to swell up and separate. If you find that they tear easily and are soft, rather than hard, then chances are you have spent too much time with your hands in water. The opposite is true of hard fingernails. When they are hard and brittle, it's more likely that chemicals from excessive polish or treatments has taken a toll. In this case, you will be better off leaving your hands naked for a couple of weeks until the brittle nail has grown out. Remember to let your nails breathe in between manicures. This can also occur, however, if your job involves handling chemicals or cleaners. Using rubber gloves can help.

Moisturizing and Polishing There are some moisturizers specifically designed for fingernails. These can be very helpful in keeping them softer and less likely to break. You can also use hand lotion applied to the entire hand, including the nails. 

Consider using a strengthening polish as a base coat or even as a single coat for a few days. If you use nail polish remover, avoid using it more than once a week, since this can damage the nail and cause it to dry out by removing the natural oils that are secreted to keep your hands healthy. 

Keep in mind that a manicure, while beautiful to look at, seals your nails and prevents them from getting air. Over time, continuously covering them with polish can cause problems and worsen brittleness. It's a good idea to let your hands breathe once in a while and spend some days without any polish at all, just to let them recover. Even if you feel naked, it's worth it to keep your nails healthy and strong, as they will stand up to far more in the long run. You can also look for natural nail polishes, which will affect the nail much less and can reduce the issues faced by constantly applying polish. 

Looking after brittle nails can require a bit of extra time, but as long as you let them air out sometimes, keep them moisturized with natural hand cream and avoid chemicals or soaking in water for too long, they should be strong and healthy. Keep an eye on them and be sure to treat your fingernails with care.

About the Author: 
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