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The latest wedding hairstyles are here. Getting a new look for the New Year. Wedding hairstyle is extremely sexy a slightest change, which you can do to your hair, can cause a lasting impact on how you totally look liked. Check out the latest pictures & articles below will help you sort things.

Bridal Hair Designs

Getting your wedding hairdo right for your wedding is not something you will do overnight. Time and effort is required to be sure that you have the wedding hairdo that both suits you on the day and is comfortable.

The Latest Wedding Hair Trends

Something that every bride wonders is, how should I wear my hair for my wedding? You want a style that looks fresh and current, yet at the same time is elegant enough for such a special event. Without further ado, these are the latest

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Choosing Your Wedding Party Hairstyles:

When asked if they are going to be choosing wedding party hairstyles for their bridesmaids, many brides will answer that they 
don't want to worry about it, and that they trust their bridesmaids to choose something that is flattering and elegant. With no 
direction from the bride one what kinds of wedding party hairstyles you're looking for, you could be asking for some very 
creative and potentially unattractive hairstyles.

Many people who are thinking of getting married next year are already looking for the hottest bridal trends of the New Year to 
prepare their wedding in style. Being 'in style' means a lot to newlyweds so it is important to always be up to date on what is 
trendy right now and what is already out. So here are some of the most popular bridal trends that you are most likely to 
encounter very soon.

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Choosing Your Wedding Party Hairstyles
Choosing a wedding hairstyle for your big day can be a daunting task. Not only will all eyes be on you on your wedding day, but it completes your wedding day look on the most important day of your life. Bear in mind though, once you've
Wedding Hairstyles, Latest Wedding Tips 
It can very difficult & confusing deciding which hairstyle would be perfect for your wedding day . By comparison choosing your dress was easier. You’ve probably thumbed through endless pages of magazines, read countless articles
5 Guidelines for Choosing Bridal Party Gifts
The day that two people get married is guaranteed to be one of the biggest days of their lives. They are surrounded by their loving friends and family and everyone is there to lend support and to show goodwill to the bride and groom.
10 Wedding Dress Features that Daringly Depart from Convention

There are many brides who thrive on traditional weddings. This type of bride is all about formal invitations, stylish bridal portraits, and special first dance songs. She yearns to sachet down the church aisle to “Here Comes the Bride” while

How to Choose Wedding Lingerie
Your wedding day will be irreplaceable so always remember to choose wedding lingerie that will make your day extra special. Ordinarily, shopping for lingerie is not easy, but now you have to purchase garments that will not only make
Wedding Hairstyles

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Two-Stranded Rope With French Twist

The classic vertical roll, also known as a French twist, is combined with a two-strand rope in the front for a sophisticated design. To create the rope, two strands are individually twisted and then twisted together. New sections are picked up on either side and combined with the strands as the rope continues.

1. Begin this design by sectioning the front from the back. Here we used a diagonal sectioning line from behind the ear to the crown.

2. Secure the back lengths out of the way and section a triangle at the front hairline. Divide this section into two equal-size strands. Twist both
    strands clockwise close to the base of the strands at the scalp.

3. Holding your right hands palm up, insert your forefinger between the two strands.

4. Turn your hands counterclockwise to position your palm down.

5. Pick up hair from the left side of the two strands and add it to the left-hand strand. Do the same on the right side.

6. Twist both of the enlarged strands clockwise, remembering to twist close to the scalp. With your palm up, insert your forefinger between the two
    twisted strands.

7. Turn your hand palm down to twist the two strands together.

8. Continue down the center of the head until all of the hair from the front has been picked up. Try to pick up equal amounts of hair when you add
    new sections to each strand. It is very important to maintain tension on each strand as you twist it clockwise.

9. Continue the two-strand rope down the length of the free strands. Hold both strands and twist them both at the same time. Your forefinger should
    position itself automatically between the strands. Then turn your hand over so the palm is down.

10. When you reach the ends of the strands, fasten the ends of the rope with a coated band.

11. Release the back hair lengths.

12. Place the rope out of the way and comb the remaining hair to one side, angling it slightly upward. Lay the tail end of a comb down the center
     back. The comb should be angled away from the head.

13. Wrap the free lengths around the tail of the comb. This will help you make a clean fold in the hair.

14. Remove the comb and twist the remaining ends in the same direction. Pull the twist upward and fan the twist to balance the vertical roll.

15. Curve the free ends down in a circle at the crown and pin to secure.

16. To hold the edge of the roll, insert hairpins along the rolled edge.

17. Wrap the free ends of the two-strand rope around the top of the twist and pin the ends to hold it in position.

18. You can add an ornament or hair swatch to balance the design, if you wish. Here a four-strand braided hair swatch is wrapped around the rope to
      increase the rope’s size and texture.