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There's good and bad at all prices, so don't be impressed with labels-be impressed with what it does for your hair. The best hair cares products. You'll learn about the best shampoos, conditioners, styling products and more right here. Are you looking for a go


What Do You Need To Know About Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women in our society. We all know that if you are dealing with this problem then you do not have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a hair style. In fact, the only options that you may have are


Hair Loss- An Overview Of Hair Loss Treatments

No doubt about it, hair loss is a condition which can affect one's emotions. Most people in our society feel outer appearance is important to be successful and well liked. It may be vanity, but it is how we were raised, so we may as well accept it.


Hair Damage Remedy Treatment Can Save Your Hair From Further Damage

Hair damage can happen to anyone and when it does it can leave your hair looking unhealthy and bland. This is something that everyone needs to know how to repair so you can have a healthy head of hair that makes people notice it. One of the best ways to repair


How To Find The Right Female Hair Loss Treatment
No one likes losing their hair, especially women. Most people think of men when you think of hair loss, but women do suffer from losing hair too. It can be difficult for a woman to go through losing her hair and do something to treat the

Is A Hair Extension A Good Idea For You?
Are you considering getting a hair extension but can't decide if this is a good idea for you or not? Then you need to understand more about these extensions to help you make the smart choice for you.

Types of Wigs: Hair Systems for Your Hair Replacement Needs
Men go bald for different reasons. The most common of these is an inherited condition called male-pattern baldness, which results in hair loss to the front and top of the hair. Over time, male-pattern baldness can cause total hair loss, though many men go bald only

How To Find The Best Hair Salon For You
Are you looking for a hair salon, but can't decide on the best one for you because there are so many of them to choose from? Then you need to know some things that you can do that will help you find the best salon for you to use.

Wigs as Hair Accessories: Find the Perfect One
Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. But all are not born with that beauty. We can at least try to look nice and smart. We can put some effort to change our look for the better. There are various types of accessories. Wig is

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Two-Stranded Rope With French Twist

The classic vertical roll, also known as a French twist, is combined with a two-strand rope in the front for a sophisticated design. To create the rope, two strands are individually twisted and then twisted together. New sections are picked up on either side and combined with the strands as the rope continues.

1. Begin this design by sectioning the front from the back. Here we used a diagonal sectioning line from behind the ear to the crown.

2. Secure the back lengths out of the way and section a triangle at the front hairline. Divide this section into two equal-size strands. Twist both
    strands clockwise close to the base of the strands at the scalp.

3. Holding your right hands palm up, insert your forefinger between the two strands.

4. Turn your hands counterclockwise to position your palm down.

5. Pick up hair from the left side of the two strands and add it to the left-hand strand. Do the same on the right side.

6. Twist both of the enlarged strands clockwise, remembering to twist close to the scalp. With your palm up, insert your forefinger between the two
    twisted strands.

7. Turn your hand palm down to twist the two strands together.

8. Continue down the center of the head until all of the hair from the front has been picked up. Try to pick up equal amounts of hair when you add
    new sections to each strand. It is very important to maintain tension on each strand as you twist it clockwise.

9. Continue the two-strand rope down the length of the free strands. Hold both strands and twist them both at the same time. Your forefinger should
    position itself automatically between the strands. Then turn your hand over so the palm is down.

10. When you reach the ends of the strands, fasten the ends of the rope with a coated band.

11. Release the back hair lengths.

12. Place the rope out of the way and comb the remaining hair to one side, angling it slightly upward. Lay the tail end of a comb down the center
     back. The comb should be angled away from the head.

13. Wrap the free lengths around the tail of the comb. This will help you make a clean fold in the hair.

14. Remove the comb and twist the remaining ends in the same direction. Pull the twist upward and fan the twist to balance the vertical roll.

15. Curve the free ends down in a circle at the crown and pin to secure.

16. To hold the edge of the roll, insert hairpins along the rolled edge.

17. Wrap the free ends of the two-strand rope around the top of the twist and pin the ends to hold it in position.

18. You can add an ornament or hair swatch to balance the design, if you wish. Here a four-strand braided hair swatch is wrapped around the rope to
      increase the rope’s size and texture.